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Hi there! I’m Lesley Patterson & this is my blog, “” I’m so glad that you made it here. This is a personal space for me to express my own creativity with and where I can write however & whatever it is that I wish to share with you on. I am a Freelance Creative Writer whose been writing publicly since about 1995 or so, but I just started to really go for it Professionally about 8 months ago or so, back in 2018. I now get Writing Gigs of all kinds, from Article Writing, News Articles, Ghost Writing, Copywriting, Advertisements, B2B & B2C Content Marketing, Editorial Work, Re-Writes, Creative Writing, Researcher and more. I am a published, Award & Contest-Winning Poet and a Short Story aficionado. I’m also a very good Social Media Networker and Marketer, and the Co-Owner of a Small Online Store called, “Custom Creations 2 Die 4 Bath Bomb Gift Shop. “I will be discussing various topics here with you all.

My goal with this Blog and Website is to showcase my talents and varied Writing Styles to potential employers. However, I have not completely sold out, lol. This is an area where I can be eccentric, crazy, fun, creative little self. My Pen Name is “Lady Opaque,” and any writings published under that Alias are all mine and mine alone. As far as I know, I’m the only one who is using that name, except for one lady that beat me to it on Twitter. Ha-ha! I’d be honored if you’d follow me, subscribe, & check back often for the 100% Authentic, Original Content of mine which will be displayed very soon here on We also have room to feature some Guest Bloggers (It’s always good to get more backlinks, especially while working together to help each other out), so if you are interested in being one, please contact me via one of the methods listed below. Thank you, everyone! Here’s to writing my heart out for you, I hope that you enjoy the Blog.

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