“Punch Drunk On Love”: A Tori Amos Inspired Poem by Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque


I got a bowling ball in my stomach; I got a desert in my mouth.

Figures with my stubbornness, that I’d go down South.

Walking down the path that leads to all the backstreets,

I’ve been looking for a savior in these dirty sheets.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve, so please don’t push and shove.

I got a kick for a dog begging for love.

I’ve got to find a way out of these deep dark blues,

maybe go buy some jewelry and a pair of sparkly shoes.

Dancing in the desert, I have a free-spirited heart,

figures that society would want to tear that apart.

I’ve been praying every day, delaying my delights,

Struggling, carrying on into the darkened sky-lit nights.

I’m the bearer of my torch, the keeper of my flame,

I’m the Holy Book until myself, I’m my sacred name.

Wolves howl in the forests, dogs sleeping down on my bed,

I’ve got a flurry in my chest, a fogginess in my head.

In my orange knickers he cherishes me, he’s my Godsend.

I’m all punch drunk on love and I don’t want this to end.

Aunt Jackie can you tell me is it worth it in the end?

To find the one that soothes our soul, to become our own best friend.

Lying in my wedding dress when the shots rang out,

still trying to piece together what this life’s about.

Light bearer lover, oh Satan, oh my Lord,

take your knife and pierce my heart with your sharpest sword.

6 am and where is my spark now?

I know that I can carry on, I just don’t know how.

Even if it doesn’t work out, even if you’re all wrong,

I am thankful for what we went through baby because it made me strong.



By Lesley Michelle Patterson AKA Lady Opaque

Copyright May 23rd, 2020


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