“The Strange Man” – A Poem by Andrew Kohrdt Patterson – Debuting on WritingBeautifully.com


Hell all around me, screams of good men done wrong.
Lying on my back, bleeding from a well-placed shot.
My sight starts to blur and, the pain is gone.
My body starts to get cold.
Then he kneels next to me, and whispers in my ear.
“Have you lived a happy life?”
I turned my head to him and said.
“I did not choose this.”
“I left everything I hold dear”
“My family, wife, daughter,”
“I am a good man, I lived to help others.”
“There’s so much I still want to do.”
He nodded at me silently.
As I stared into the emptiness of the strange man’s eyes.
I understood what he meant.
My body is very cold now.
With my last breaths, I smile and say.
Yes, I was happy.
He lifts me up.
The cold is gone now.
He replied, ” there’s always next time”.
With the most comforting voice, I have ever heard he said.
“You still have a lot to learn, you’ll do better next time.”


Copyright July 16th, 2020

by Andrew Kohrdt Patterson

Lesley Patterson is an Award-Winning Author, Poet, Blogger, and Freelance Writer. She's a Shelter Pet - Rescue and Adoption Advocate and an Entrepreneur who is very skilled at Social Media Networking, Marketing, and Sales. Lesley is in her mid-30's and is a generational Scorpio Daughter, Sister, Wife, and Mother. She is a Spiritualist and a Natural Pagan Witch who offers Spiritual Advisory Services as well. Raised in the mid-1980s and early 1990s in Sacramento, California, she grew up in the Reno, Nevada area, and since then has moved out to Fallon, Nevada. She offers her various Services on a case-by-case basis, and she is very passionate about both what she believes in, and in what she writes about. She showcases her unique, original, and persuasive conversational-styled Writing here on WritingBeautifully.com and she runs both the website as well as her own Blog. You may get in touch with her at any time by emailing her at: LesleyPatterson@WritingBeautifully.com -- or by sending an email to the Admin at: Admin@WritingBeautifully.com #FreelanceWriter #WritingServices #Writing #Writer #WritingBeautifully #WritingBeautifullyBlog #Writers #WritersLife #WritersCommunity #ContentCreationSpecialist #ArticleWriting #NewsWriting #B2BWriting #B2CWriting #BusinessWriting #ContentCreation #ContentSpecialist #LadyOpaque #LesleyPatterson #GhostWriting #CopyWriting #Editor #Editorial #Journalist #Journalisim #Blogger #Blogging #ProfessionalWritingServices #ProfessionalWriting #ProfessionalWriter

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