“Wild Ones Within Us” Poetry by Lesley Michelle Patterson AKA Lady Opaque

Looking inwards at this hidden battle buried withi

like lost treasures of the psyche in realms long pushed down.

Soaked in pain and covered in sin,

Light shines on long-forgotten repressed places for which I wear the crown.

"Wild Ones Within Us" Poetry by Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque of WritingBeautifully.com


Revolver filled with rusty bullets reloaded once more,

“How do you like me now?”  I can’t help but ask.

Shots like thunder clapping strike the very core.

An awakened eye peeks from a walking corpse in a mask.

Goddess Hel welcomes us, she has many lessons in store,

such as how to live life backward; that’s our greatest task.

It’s our only key to rebirth, this cycle we continue, forevermore.

Angry laughter, creaking gently from my cellar door…

The inner predator smiles coyly, but I cock my gun and aim.

To kill off this fiend is necessary in order for my psyche to thrive.

No longer will it keep me locked in such regret and shame.

I leave the corpse for the scavenger birds, and I finally feel alive.

"Wild Ones Within Us" Poetry by Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque of WritingBeautifully.com

Rebirth is a bloody, bloody business of Life/Death/Life.

We must persevere and cultivate,

growing despite our daily strife.

Learn to develop more intuitively, creatively, with self-care to sate.

Learn to love ourselves and to trust in our own intuitions;

to let loose the Wild One inside you.

It howls now in the moons superstitions,

beckoning for you with her seductive witchy brew.

Meet her in the desert of whatever stagnancy you’ve been stuck in,

she’s here to help you out if only you’ll heed her call.

Face the pain inside you, dispose of the dead things you find.

You’ve got the strength inside you to overcome it all.

Remember we can only move forward, there is no rewind.














“Wild Ones Within Us” Poetry by Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque of WritingBeautifully.com

Copyright 05/16/2020

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Lesley Patterson is an Award-Winning Author, Poet, Blogger, and Freelance Writer. She's a Shelter Pet - Rescue and Adoption Advocate and an Entrepreneur who is very skilled at Social Media Networking, Marketing, and Sales. Lesley is in her mid-30's and is a generational Scorpio Daughter, Sister, Wife, and Mother. She is a Spiritualist and a Natural Pagan Witch who offers Spiritual Advisory Services as well. Raised in the mid-1980s and early 1990s in Sacramento, California, she grew up in the Reno, Nevada area, and since then has moved out to Fallon, Nevada. She offers her various Services on a case-by-case basis, and she is very passionate about both what she believes in, and in what she writes about. She showcases her unique, original, and persuasive conversational-styled Writing here on WritingBeautifully.com and she runs both the website as well as her own Blog. You may get in touch with her at any time by emailing her at: LesleyPatterson@WritingBeautifully.com -- or by sending an email to the Admin at: Admin@WritingBeautifully.com #FreelanceWriter #WritingServices #Writing #Writer #WritingBeautifully #WritingBeautifullyBlog #Writers #WritersLife #WritersCommunity #ContentCreationSpecialist #ArticleWriting #NewsWriting #B2BWriting #B2CWriting #BusinessWriting #ContentCreation #ContentSpecialist #LadyOpaque #LesleyPatterson #GhostWriting #CopyWriting #Editor #Editorial #Journalist #Journalisim #Blogger #Blogging #ProfessionalWritingServices #ProfessionalWriting #ProfessionalWriter

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